When you go to the doctor, you expect him to be up to date on the newest lab tests and screenings, have the best in diagnostic equipment, stay current on all of the new drugs, give you personalized attention and service, be a good listener and spend whatever amount of time is needed to address your concerns and answer your questions. You are entitled to the best treatment available.

Why should it be any different when it comes to your pet?

It shouldn’t. Actually, it should be better! When you seek medical treatment, most of the time you can talk to the staff, explain what the problem is, how long it’s been going on… in short, you can give your doctor a lot of information. Your pet is never quite so helpful. Some things are obvious and tell your vet where to start, what tests to run, what’s likely to be the problem. Most of the time, there is a list of symptoms and several possible causes. Unless you’re Doctor Doolittle, you have to rely on experience and high tech testing and communication with other veterinary health specialist.

Health care for pets is vastly different than it was 20 years ago. Virtually every test, every piece of equipment and every form of treatment developed for humans has been modified and adapted for pets. Think about it for just a moment- 20 years ago, did you or any of your friends talk about taking a pet lizard to the vet? Did you consider cancer treatment for your cat? Surgery for a torn ACL in your dog? Today, the kids are grown and gone and pets have become the kids!

At Barks and Medication, we have capabilities that most other veterinary clinics or hospitals simply don’t have! We are the only hospital that has digital radiology, ultrasound and fluoroscopy in the same facility. We have an in-house pharmacy, an excellent surgical suite with anesthesia equipment that has its own oxygen concentrator, an in-house lab that enables us to run a large number of tests with results in minutes. We have 42” HD monitors in each exam room and in surgery and we can put x-rays, ultrasounds, test results, patient histories- any information from any part of the hospital on any of those monitors which makes it much easier to show you and explain to you what is wrong with your pet.

We have communication capabilities that no other clinic or hospital in the Mid-South has- we have security cameras covering every area of the hospital. Almost every facility has that. But we also have a HD camera over each exam table and in the surgical suite and if we encounter something new or highly specialized, we can call another vet- a specialist in another city if that’s who we need and that vet can login to our system, take control of the camera from his or her computer and talk to our vet about whatever problem we’re consulting about. The same picture that he or she is looking at on their computer is also displayed on our HD monitor and our vet can talk to them- in real time- to discuss the situation. We’re not talking about skype, or zoom or any other virtual conference or meeting everyone has become familiar with during this crazy pandemic. We’re talking about real time, High Definition consultation with someone who can help us help your pet.

High Tech? Absolutely! And you and your pet will be better for it!