While Barks and Medication was conceived as a wellness clinic- and we would still much prefer to educate and prevent, that is often not enough. Long before we opened it was apparent that we had to be equipped and staffed if surgery was required. As we have done in all aspects of our practice, once the decision was made, our priority was to provide the very best in care for our patients. The first step was to gain Veterinary Hospital status as designated by the State of Tennessee. The second was to build and equip our surgical suite and finally, find a surgeon who had the skill and experience needed to provide the highest possible level of service.
Veterinary surgery has become more and more common as equipment and techniques originally developed and refined for human medical care have become available in veterinary care. Veterinary surgery is generally divided into three very broad categories: Orthopaedic (bones, joints, muscles), Soft Tissue (skin, body cavities, cardiovascular and GI), and neurosurgery. While all veterinarians are allowed to perform surgical procedures, there is no substitute for experience.
Our Medical Director, Valerie D. Bryson, DVM, has over 17 years of veterinary experience and an excellent reputation in soft tissue surgery and dentistry. While there are more specific surgical procedures than we could possibly list here, we are extremely proud of our surgical capabilities. We have the staff, the equipment, the facilities, and the experience to offer the very best in diagnostic service, pre-op tests and preparation, the actual surgery and post-op care and recovery.
Please feel free to ask about the surgical procedures we offer. We would be delighted for you to meet our staff and tour our facility.