Dr. Valerie D. Bryson, Medical Director

We are very excited to have Dr. Valerie Bryson assume control of our hospital. She brings 17 years of high-quality medical experience to Barks. She graduated from Iowa State University in 2004. After spending 6 years training under an avian specialist in Arizona, she went on to establish her own following in small animal and exotic pet medicine. She has treated large animals, such as bears, in zoo settings, all the way down to exotic birds, reptiles, rabbits and koi fish. She is well respected in her field and accepts frequent referrals. Dr. Bryson excels in all types of soft tissue surgery and dentistry and enjoys bonding with her patients. She believes in assessing the whole pet, not just the disease process and understands the importance of the human/animal bond. She is a lover of dogs, big and small. Dr. Bryson shares her home with her four beautiful children and four comedic guinea pigs. She is an avid runner and enjoys playing piano in her free time. The Miami Half Marathon, the Rock ‘n Roll Nashville Half Marathon, and the Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossom 10 mile Run are some of her recent accomplishments, with a Spartan race on the agenda for later this fall. Come spend a little time with Dr. Bryson and you’ll see why we are so happy she’s joined us!

Amanda M. Kent, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Amanda Kent is a Licensed Veterinary Technician and we are proud to have her! It is important to understand the significance of being a “Licensed” Vet Tech. To be licensed and certified by the Tennessee State Board of Veterinary Medicine, you must have graduated from an accredited veterinary technician program approved by the American Veterinary Medicine Association and you must pass the Veterinary Technician National Examination. There are many excellent Veterinary Assistants who have wonderful experience and skill- but while experience tells you the how, education tells you the why. Amanda graduated from Mississippi State University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology. She has a passion for vet care and she treats every pet she sees as if it were her own. She will tell you that she is excited to be a part of our amazing team. We will tell you that she is a very large part of the reason our team is amazing! Amanda loves traveling (not so much right now, she says) and when she’s not in the clinic, you can catch her at the gym or at home with her three pets- Cooper, Ozzie and Bella and her husband. As a hobby, she is quite the photographer and that has become a passion outside of work. Her favorite breed is the German Shepherd, but she loves dogs, cats, exotics, farm animals- you name it! She is, in her words, “So excited to see where this new adventure leads me. I cannot wait to care for your pet!”

Professional Pet Care

Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of veterinary care and affection.

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