There are many, many things that make Barks and Medication very different from the veterinary clinics everyone is used to seeing. Clinics that everyone is accustomed to seeing. Clinics that make everyone comfortable with what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Clinics that do what everyone expects them to do, based on years of owning pets and visiting the vet. Clinics that deliver pretty close to the result you think is coming in situations you’ve seen before- or you’ve seen with friends and their pets. It’s a little bit like writing- no one can proofread their own work. When you read thru it, you miss mistakes because since you wrote it, you know what it is supposed to say. You read it and it says exactly what it’s supposed to say! One of the first things you’ll see that makes Barks and Medication different is that we have rules- several, in fact and they all are designed to support rule number one: Your Pet Is The Only Thing That Matters.