Puppies are just about the best thing in the world. I could envision a Puppy Breath Air Freshener for your car! Everything about them is wonderful. Then they grow up and turn into dogs and if you haven’t given them the social skills they desperately need, they turn into mean, snarly things that only get along with you. An amazing fact among pet owners is that very few of them understand that not everyone thinks their pet is as amazing as they do and that is a serious problem when your pet is not well-behaved. Owner: “Buddy is SO CUTE! Look at that- he’s jumping up on my friend to give her a kiss!” Friend: “Can’t you control this idiot? He just ruined my $300 silk blouse. I’ve told you ten times not to bring him when you come to my house.”

One of the best things you can do for your puppy is signing him up for our Puppy Package. At $595, it saves you more than $200 over the normal week to week and month to month schedule of shots and office visits. Plus, it includes Microchipping your pup and some quality time at Barks and Recreation. Here’s exactly what’s in the package.

First three DAPP vaccines (given 3-4 weeks apart, First two Lepto vaccines, First two lyme vaccines, First Canine Flu (and booster) vaccine, First rabies vaccine (good for 1 year), Bordetella vaccine, Six months of heartworm prevention (Heartgard or Sentinel), Six months of flea and tick preventative (NexGard or Frontline Gold), Microchip, Two fecal exams (test for parasites) two deworming prescriptions, nail trim during each package visit and two Day Care stays at Barks and Recreation (after all vaccinations are given, which is generally around 16 weeks of age). Day Care at Barks and Recreation is almost as important as the other parts of the package because socialization of your new family member starting at a very early age will literally carry over in his behavior for the rest of his life! Making other people and other pets a routine part of his early development teaches him how to interact with strange people and strange dogs. Our staff will be glad to talk to you about early development during any of your visits.