Project Description

Pet surgery is now routinely performed thanks to skilled veterinarians and great equipment and we have both! The one thing we don’t have is a policy of “We Can Do Any Surgery On Any Pet”, and we’ll explain exactly why that is important. As pet surgery becomes more common, it also becomes more specialized- and complicated. Basically, there are three categories: Orthopaedic, Soft Tissue, and Neurologic. It hasn’t been too many years ago when surgery on your pet wasn’t even considered- after all, in the end, it was just a dog. Old beliefs die hard and even though that one has changed dramatically, a hint of it still survives in the mindset of surgeons who believe they can perform just about any surgery and if things don’t end well, it becomes, “we did our best, it was a tough situation, to begin with, and it was….”. At Barks, we have a first-class surgery suite and a surgeon with over a decade of experience in Soft Tissue and Dental surgery, but unless we’re sure that we offer the best chance of a good outcome, we’ll find out who does and we’ll refer you to them. Because it’s not just a dog… it’s a member of your family.

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