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Talk to our staff about the bad things going on in your pet’s nutritional life (eating table scraps, getting WAY too many puppy treats, etc.) and learn how to make your pet healthier and happier with a longer lifespan. Everybody remembers the “Good Old Days” when your pet got whatever was left from supper and when you did actually buy dog food, there were only a couple of brands in either cans or bags! Not many pet owners remember that in those same “Good Old Days”, your furry family member had a life expectancy of 6 or 7 years and poor nutrition was a major contributor to a shortened life span. Stop listening to the TV ads- or your good friends who highly recommend a particular brand- and understand that different kinds of pets require very different things in their diet. Different breeds of the same kind of pet can have amazingly different nutritional needs. Talk to your vet- and get the correct information.

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