More accurately, what is Pet Health insurance? It’s medical insurance for your pet. There are several policies available from different companies with very different coverage. We recommend Trupanion and we have all of their information available at our office. Basically, Trupanion will give you a quote on a policy for your pet that generally pays 80-90% of the charges for treatment of covered injuries and illnesses. One important thing to consider is that in most cases, pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions so it is important to get your coverage in place BEFORE you have your pet treated. Once treatment is put into your pet’s patient file, coverage will be denied or severely limited for that illness. Ten or Fifteen years ago, Pet Insurance did not represent the value that it does today. With advanced treatments becoming commonplace in today’s pet care world, the costs you can incur are significant. One very nice Trupanion feature is that in many situations they can approve a claim for a covered pet while you are checking out at the vet’s office and if that clinic or hospital is part of the Trupanion network, Trupanion can pay their part directly to the clinic or hospital, meaning you don’t have to pay the entire bill out of pocket and then wait for reimbursement. We’ll be glad to furnish you with Trupanion’s information and help you decide on the coverage that’s best for you. To be clear, we are not agents for any insurance company. We do not receive any payment or commission for recommending any policy. The benefit we enjoy when your pet is covered by insurance is that we know that your pet has the advantage of receiving the treatment it needs without the decision being based solely on the cost of the treatment.